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High Slip





Stretch film “High Slip” film are highly transparent and have no adhesive on the external or internal layer. Thanks to the absence of adhesive the pallets no longer stick to each other during system warehousing or in transport.


Przejrzysta folia stretch High Splip HIGH TRANSPARENCY


Brak efektu czepiania się palet folii High Slip NO “PALLET STICKING”


Fabryka hurtownia Efekt Plus LABORATORY TESTED



Company Efekt Plus  recommends using foil brand "High Slip" One side clining (OSC) within 3 months from the date of delivery.
This term is due to the maintenance of an adequate level of viscosity for this kind of film. It can occur after a period of three months, because the phenomena of a decrease in the stickiness of the film, which is a natural process that occurs in this type of product. Reducing the level of tackiness with time does not affect the other parameters of quality and durability.
At a time when the outdoor temperature is lower (the period autumn - winter) is slightly increased level of viscosity to facilitate the application of the product. During the Spring - Summer Film tack is adapted to high temperatures prevailing on the outside, which is in turn prevent sticking.
Consider this information when placing orders for these products.