Producer of stretch film – EFEKT PLUS

Efekt Plus is one of the key producers of stretch film in Poland and Europe. The Company offers a wide range of products to its clients: manual, machine and jumbo stretch films, both transparent and coloured, differing in stretchability.

Stretch film is an extremely important product for modern logistics. It is currently the cheapest and most effective form of securing loads on pallets. It is quite simple to apply and may be used both on small scale, e.g. in home conditions, and in automated production lines.

Thanks to state-of-the-art production line and innovative technology, the manufactured multi-layer film reflects very high technical parameters to ensure proper load securing on pallets with simultaneous film consumption reduced.

Stretch films manufactured by “Efekt Plus” come in 4 quality categories:

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eco e7
Stretch-Folien efekt vplus stretch
folia do sianokiszonki AgroWrap

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The offer of stretch film

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