Pre-Stretch film is a special type of stretch film and an excellent alternative for it. The main characteristic of this product is that it is obtained by pre-stretching a specially reinforced stretch film to a certain thickness. Due to the pre-stretching, the film is twice as thin as the standard stretch film, thus – more economical. The film adheres better to the wrapped goods, and is also easier to apply, because it does not require the use of force when stretching.

Eco Performance pre-stretch film

Eco Performance pre-stretch® – ecology and economy

Eco Performance pre-stretch is the world’s first pre-stretched film of this type produced on the production line, not on rewinding machines, like most of this type of products. Thanks to the dedicated technological line, the process of stretching the stretch film does not have any negative impact on the quality and strength parameters of the film. Very thin, durable and tear-resistant are the main features of the Eco Performance pre-stretch film, which is perfect for manual and machine packaging – in automatic wrappers. Eco Performance films can be easily recycled, thanks to which they have gained the title of ecological and economic film.

Eco Performance pre-stretch®, what makes it stand out?

Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials and modern technology, Eco Performance film is produced in a standard version and with overlaps. The option of film with overlaps allows to increase the mechanical strength of the film in comparison to the standard pre-stretch film. During wrapping, the film perfectly adheres to the shape of the load, reinforced edges of the film provide greater tear resistance compared to standard pre-stretch film, which increases its resistance to damage to the bundle during transport.

The properties of the film have been confirmed with many laboratory tests.

Dedicated technological line

Pro-ecological product

High puncture resistance

Efficient, economical

Care for the environment

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