Ecological stretch film

Nowadays, due to the big ecological problem, companies are looking for pro-ecological solutions and products. Zakład Produkcji Folii Efekt Plus, as the largest producer of stretch film in Europe, is constantly working on new solutions in the packaging industry, in order to meet the expectations of customers. Those activities are also aimed at developing pro-ecological products. In brief: Efekt Plus works with the future in mind.

The result of these activities is a new product (ecological stretch film) – Eco Performance Pre-Stretch® film, the production of which will start at the end of this year. What distinguishes this product from others?

Eco Performance Pre-Stretch®, unlike the standard stretch film, will reduce film consumption by approx. 30% when wrapping the goods. As a result, the customer will reduce the amount of material used for wrapping the goods, thus saving money at the same time. The new product of Efekt Plus company is 100% recyclable.

Ecological stretch film

Properties such as: high tear resistance, proper load stabilization, less film consumption and the possibility of 100% recycling – make the Eco Performance Pre-Stretch® film already known as ecological and economic stretch film.

If you are interested in this product or would like to save on the consumption of stretch film, please contact us. Our specialists will help you choose the right type of stretch film for your needs. Don’t wait and write now: CONTACT US.

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