Certification of the Environmental Management System Back

In January 2012, Zakład Produkcji Folii “Efekt Plus” Sp. z o.o. completed successfully the process of certification of the Environmental Management System that was carried out in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 norm by SGS – an accredited certifier. The certificate confirms that the company takes great care of environmental issues while…


Investments in AEROPOLIS

„Efekt Plus” Sp. z o.o. carries our intensive works related to construction of the new film production plant in Rogoźnica, located in the Scientific and Technological Park. The whole technical and design documentation has already been collected, and soil has been replaced on the facility itself. If the weather conditions are good, the first building…


R&D Laboratory

Taking care of maintaining the highest quality of its products, Zakład Produkcji Folii “Efekt Plus” Sp. z o.o. acquired a high tech strength test machinery that was added to its R&D laboratory. This modern control and measurement equipment will be used for testing physical and chemical parameters of the raw materials used for production as…


Promotional movie

Visit youtube.pl, where you may watch promotional movie about ZPF Efekt Plus sp. z o.o. The movie is also available on our profile on facebook.pl and on our web site www.efekt-stretch.pl. Via foreign language portals (ending with .com, .eu., .fr, .de, .it, .cz, .sk, .ru)


White film

Another product is leaving the Efekt Plus production plant. This time, it is our pleasure to present white film for hand wrapping, as well as white film in machine and jumbo versions. Now, our offer includes film in three colours: black, blue and white (in three versions: manual, jumbo and machine), as well as transparent…


Other colour films

Machine and jumbo films were added to the group of so far only manual coloured films. Thanks to that, the product offer of Efekt Plus was widened, giving wider choice for the clients.