Stretch film is an extremely universal product from the point of view of modern logistics. Currently, it is not only the most economical, but also extremely effective form of securing loads on pallets. In addition, it can be used on a small scale, e.g. at home, as well as in automated packaging lines. Hence, from year to year not only the demand for the product which is the stretch film increases. Thanks to modern production lines, company’s know-how and the use of the highest quality raw materials, the multilayer film we produce is characterized by very high technical parameters, such as extensibility, strength, stickiness and puncture resistance.

Stretch films manufactured by “Efekt Plus” come in 5 quality categories:

oferta folia stretch

Zakład Produkcji Filmów Efekt Plus also offers non-standard stretch film such as:

  • Stretch film OSC
  • FOOD Stretch film – intended for direct contact with food
  • FROZEN Stretch film – used at low temperatures such as refrigerators, freezers
    FROZEN FOOD Stretch film – intended for direct contact with food used at low temperatures

For demanding customers, we have the opportunity to produce stretch film with various additives:

  • Stretch film with an addition of UV 12 monthly
  • Stretch film with an addition of UV 6 monthly
  • Stretch film with an antistatic additive
  • Stretch film with the addition of a UV absorber
  • Stretch film with increased stickiness

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