Pre-Stretch film is a special type of stretch film and an alternative for it. The main characteristic of this products is that it is obtained by pre-stretching – even up to 400%. As a result of this process, the pre-stretch film is twice as thin as the standard stretch film, while maintaining its resistance to tearing and puncture.

Zakład Produkcji Folii Efekt Plus produces a 13-layer pre-stretch film, which is from 6 to 12 microns thick. This makes film perfect for wrapping light / fragile loads, e.g. plastic packaging (bottles, containers, dishes, scale pans), where there is no need to use thick stretch films. The film adheres perfectly to the wrapped goods and does not require the use of force when stretching. On the other hand, thanks to high performance, we can reduce the costs of film consumption. This foil produced by Efekt Plus is available under the brand name Eco Performance Pre-Stretch®.

pre-stretch film
pre-stretch film

Why choose this product?

  • Reduction of film consumption – while wrapping the goods, packaging costs can be reduced even up to 40%,
  • High load stability – due to perfect adherence of film, high film tension and stabilization of the goods on the pallet are easily achieved,
  • Packaging efficiency – less force is required to stretch the film and wrap the goods,
  • Pro-environmental product – the use of pre-stretch film guarantees a reduction in film consumption, which is tantamount to a reduction in waste,
  • Tear resistance – the film consists of 13 layers.

Basic information on pre-stretch film produced by Zakład Produkcji Folii Efekt Plus

Type of pre-stretch:manualmachine
Length:from 400 mbfrom 1 500 mb
Width:410 mm, 420 mm, 430 mm ( standard width 430 mm )430 mm, 440 mm
Thickness:from 6 μm to 12 μm ( recommended thickness 7 – 9 μm )from 6 μm to 12 μm ( recommended thickness 8 – 10 μm )
Colour:transparent transparent

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