manual pre-stretch film

Zakład Produkcji Folii “Efekt Plus” Sp. z o.o. gladly announces that the production of a new assortment has been launched – 13-layer pre-stretch film. The company’s production capacity of this product reaches 20,000 tons per year.The product under the name Eco Performance Pre-strech® is already available in the company’s portfolio in thicknesses from 6 to 12 microns, in both Manual and Machine winding.

The new product is manufactured using a world-innovative “in-line production” method, ie directly on the technological line, which results in a pre-stretch effect without the need to install additional film rewinding equipment. Thanks to this solution, a product with high puncture resistance and increased load stabilization efficiency was obtained. The sides of the Eco Perfotmance Pre-strech®, reinforced with overlaps, prevent it from tearing and cracking, which guarantees its more effective use.

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