Silage film is nowadays crucial in the process of preparing valuable and nutritious animal feed. When the silage is wrapped in the film, fermentation processes occurs, without oxygen, that produce the right nutrients in the feed.  AgroWrap® it is used not only for the preparation of the feed (silage), but also for storage in an airtight way so that it lasts at least several months.



AgroWrap® is a silage film produced using the cast method, using high quality raw materials, so that it meets all customer requirements and expectations. Numerous tests, to which the silage film has been subjected, have resulted in a product that has high quality strength parameters.

  • High tear resistance during wrapping
  • The film is available as white/green.
  • UV protection for 12 months
  • High film stickiness
  • High puncture resistance, e.g. grass blades, straw or twigs
  • 7-layer film

Available types of foil AgroWrap®





500 mm

white, green,

1800 m

25 μm

750 mm

white, green,

1500 m

25 μm



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