Stretch Film Production in Light Festival

Stretch film due to its properties is a product that has many applications. This product is most often used by manufacturing and logistics companies. Thanks to its flexible properties, it adapts perfectly to any type of surface.

Stretch film is also used in the cosmetics, food and many other industries.

Some time ago we mentioned that the stretch film produced by Zakład Produkcji Folii Efekt Plus was used in an artistic project in Poznań. This project aroused great interest, which resulted in another artistic project using the Efekt Plus stretch film.

Festiwal Swiatla w Lodzi

In this way Zakład Produkcji Folii Efekt Plus ( Stretch Film Production ) became a sponsor of one of the projects implemented during the Light Festival in Łódź.

The Light Festival in Łódź 2019, during which the stretch film will be used, has already had several successful editions. The installation with the use of stretch film will be visible in the center of Łódź, among trees on Plac Komuny Paryskiej 3. The subject of the work refers to the vision of a man who was influenced by modern technology in such a way that his cells were significantly modified.

More information about the Light Festival in Łódź can be found on the website: