New production line for pre-stretch film production

The assembly of the new production line has started

Zakład Produkcji Folii Efekt Plus would like to inform that works related to the assembly of the new technological line have already tarted. The production capacity of the new investment will amount to  20 thousand tons per year. After completion and start-up of the new line, the total production capacity of the company will rise to 165 thousand tons of stretch film per year. The new production line is being currently assembled in the Rzeszów – Dworzysko production plant. The plant is located close to A4 freeway, S19 expressway and international airport Rzeszów – Jasionka. It is adjacent to the Germany – Poland – Ukraine E30 railroad line.

The assembly of the new production line brings the company closer to the realization of the intended plan, which assumes that by the end of 2020 two new technological lines in the production plant Rzeszow – Dworzysko will have been started up.

New production line for pre-stretch film production

New product – pre-stretch film

Thanks to the new investment, Zakład Produkcji Folii Efekt Plus will extend its range of products by a 13-layer pre-stretch film (Eco Performance Pre-Stretch® film). It will be the world’s first pre-stretched film produced directly on the production line and not on rewinding machines, like it has been done until now. Thanks to the dedicated technological line, the process of stretching the stretch film does not have any negative impact on the quality and strength parameters of the film.

The new product will have the following properties:

  • Reduction of film consumption – while wrapping the goods, packaging costs can be reduced even up to 40%,
  • High load stability – due to perfect adherence of film, high film tension and stabilization of the goods on the pallet are easily achieved,
  • Packaging efficiency – less force is required to stretch the film and wrap the goods,
  • Pro-environmental product – the use of pre-stretch film guarantees a reduction in film consumption, which is tantamount to a reduction in waste,
  • Tear resistance – the film consists of 13 layers.
pre-stretch film

More information on pre-stretch film can be found in the OFFER tab or by contacting our specialists.